For Attorneys, CPAs, Financial Advisors, and P&C agents

FPA works closely with attorneys, accountants, investment advisors, and property & casualty agents.  We have built our business supporting you, a professional who advises clients with life, long term care or disability insurance related questions or concerns. 

We will help your firm provide sound advice, meet your fiduciary responsibilities, and reduce your liability.

We can help your clients in two ways:

  1. Analyze the need for new insurance.  For clients concerned about personal, trust or business insurance, we can answer questions like: Is insurance needed? How much makes sense? What type of insurance is best? What carrier should we use?

  2. Analyze existing insurance coverage.  For clients with existing policies we provide audits to make sure that the policies are performing properly, the ownership and beneficiary designations are current and to compare current policies to the market to make sure the costs and benefits are competitive.

Our audits reveal that about one third of existing permanent life policies can be replaced with clearly superior products, about one third need changes to the existing policy, and one third are performing according to plan and need no change.