Our Investment Philosophy

At Financial Planning Alternatives, our goal is to earn strong investment returns for you, our client, through all market cycles. However, strong investment returns are meaningless if those gains are then reduced because of market declines or taxes. We employ a variety of strategies to help you “keep the money that you make”.

These strategies include:

  • Using proprietary models to help identify sustained market down trends during which we lower the equity allocation and raise the cash allocation in your investment portfolio.
  • Allocating a percentage of your investment portfolio to “alternative” assets which are designed to be non-correlated with the overall market and to hedge your portfolio when markets are volatile or declining.
  • Selecting mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) based on risk-adjusted returns (higher returns with lower risk); competitive expense ratios; and performance consistency.
  • Monitoring of assets in your investment portfolio to avoid over concentration in any specific sector or asset class.
  • Reducing taxes in your non-retirement portfolio by using tax-loss harvesting strategies.
  • Reducing taxes on your retirement income by a combination of strategies (Roth IRA, cash value life insurance, etc)