Supporting Small Business Owners

Whether you intend to pass your business on to family members, your business partners, or even sell your business, Financial Planning Alternatives can help you properly plan for and fund your business succession to ensure the continuation of your business according to your wishes; we can also help with the valuation of your business if you wish to sell your business. We will work with your team of advisors or refer you to experienced tax and legal professionals to draft the necessary documents and to complete the necessary tax planning. We also offer strategies and tools throughout the process to help meet the needs of business owners, their employees, and their families.

Help for Small Business Owners

For owners of a small or closely held business, changes in marital status, onboarding of new business partners/key employees, or the death or disability of a partner can impact the business’s succession plan or long-term viability.

We work with business owners to create and maintain a successful plan to deal with the many life changes that may affect their business.